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- there is no accuracy penalty when shooting enemies, that were scouted by someone else and not you


- three new city maps are planned


- high tierbattle duration has not changed in last 6 months, devs are okay with this situation


- T110E3 and T110E4 historical data can be found in Hunnicutt: Firepower


- British premium tier 8 vehicle? “If we add it, we’ll tell you”

毛子,英国8级金币车呢? SerB:“如果我们加进去了,我们会告诉你的”

- bot player bans are not being published (SS: that does not mean they are not getting banned. Without any details or names, I had two player writing me for being banned for botting)


- FV215b rebalance? “Wait for te♂st patchnotes”

毛子,Fv215B会不会挨刀啊? SerB:“具体情况请参见测试服和升级公告

- Chinese Type 79 (Type 69 with L7 gun) won’t appear in the game, it’s too new


- historical battles will not come this year


- Russian “proposal” forum section has pre-moderation (SS: proposals have to be allowed by a moderator), because “Most of the proposals were either proposed before, or they are… eeeee…. not very smart”

毛服论坛的”意见“板块被SerB大人和谐了,所有人在提出意见之前必须得到版主的允许。 SerB:”嗯,大部分意见都十分的………………愚蠢啊…………………………“

- there have been no major changes in battle dynamic since the arty nerf according to SerB


- WoWp light attack planes nation characteristics according to SerB:


Germans – “one pass haul ass”


British – universal


American – many bombs and rockets


- WG tanks and planes on one map playing with each other? “Theoretically, yes. Practically, I think it’s pointless. A tank cannot harm an airplane, unless it reaches the airport. Considering the speed of the airplanes, to place airfiends a few kilometers from one another makes no sense. Accordingly, the tanks would have to travel at least 10 kilometers under fire from air. That’s garbage” – the same goes for ships and airplanes on one map: “And would you like to be cannon fodder in your airplane? Because one capital ship generally carries dozens of airplanes – that’s also garbage.”

毛子,毛子,坦克和战姬能够同台竞技么? SerB:理论上……可以,但实际上,我觉得这样没有意义。 坦克除非到机场边上,否则根本不能伤害到战姬。再者,考虑到战姬的速度,机场之间的距离肯定有好几公里,因此,坦克得在空中火力打击下前进数十公里才行——————所以说,这毫无意义。 同样的,战姬和战舰也不能同台竞技————除非你想做炮灰,一艘大型军舰都能在载一打飞机…………这也是不科学的




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- the automatized recovery of sold premium tanks (that was/is available on US server) is still in development for other servers


- earlier, SerB wrote that the profitability of a premium tank depends on its winrate – developers are collecting statistics about the influence of skill of players on credit profit on that respective premium tank, this data will of course not be disclosed


- a long time ago, it was mentioned that there is a possibility that immobilized tanks (detracked) with only one track off will be able to move in limited way. This was scrapped, SerB states that if they did that, the players would spend the rest of the battle in chain immobilization (SS: as in, they would get detracked over and over again, not sure why SerB thinks that)


- the fate of FV215b will not be disclosed for now

FV215b 的命运暂时不会披露

- Gavalov tank as tier 5 Soviet light tank? “It’s more like a development of T-70″ (SS: as in, no)

Gavalov 坦克作为5级S系轻坦??它更像是T70的进化版

- there will be Object 430 buff

430 工程会加强

- the armor model will not be changed from “planes with armor values” to “full realistic armor” (SS: as in, armor plates will not gain real thickness), as this would cause all sorts of problems with calculations

新银河最新网址,装甲模型不会从“带有装甲数值的平面”改为“完全真实的装甲数值” (SS:也就是说,装甲板不会获得真实的厚度),因为这会给计算造成各种各样的问题

- current armor mechanics are satisfactory according to Veider – the developers tried to consider other armor calculation variants, but all turned out to be worse than what there currently is.



- SerB states that the problem with the previous issue of historical battles was in getting enough players for both teams. Now WG is working on PvE historical battles.


- no plans for historical battle PvP mode


- the account statistics reset for gold was just a rumor


- the final fate of FV4202? “We will do what we consider necessary”


- SerB confirms that the current VK4502B will be replaced by Maus prototype. The rear turret tank will then either become a premium tank, or will turn into the alternative hull for the existing VK4501A


- Fury is heavier than regular Sherman “because of the logs and other junk”

狂怒号怎么比普通的大馒头要重啊? Baka! 笨蛋!没看见上面那么多杂七杂八的东西么?

- it is not true that developers are nerfing vehicles based on the wishes of the community


- according to Storm, the statement that the gameplay of WoT was simplified many times in the past is not true


- SU-85B is doing fine characteristics-wise


- light tanks will be buffed


- apparently T67 (former T49) TD needs a nerf according to Storm


- the current maxium spotting distance will not be increased


- developers do take into consideration that the prepared nerf of bush camo bonus (SS: 20-25 percent off their camo bonus) will negatively impact passive scouting







- the reason the U-8TS gun (that the tier 10 Soviet meds have) has various characteristics on various tanks is caused by different turrets, different ergonomics and different equipment, it’s completely realistic for one gun to give different performance on different tanks

U-8TS 炮在不同车辆上有各种各样的参数,原因是不同的炮塔,不同的人体工程学和不同的装备造成的,这完全符合一种炮在不同车辆上性能不同的事实

- apparently implementing the amount of crew XP recieved in post-battle statisics doesn’t have high priority


- apprently both the T110E3 and T110E4 will be nerfed (SS: if I understand it correctly), currently T110E3 has a bit better winrate than T110E4

T110E3 和 T110E4 将会削弱(SS:如果我理解正确),现在的T110E3胜率比T110E4有一点高

- it seems that SerB is not exactly agreeing with the implementation of the option to disable the battle chat

SerB 并不太赞把成禁用战斗聊天功能引入到游戏里

- the fact that the 155mm T7 has better penetration in game than the 120mm T53 is not historical (SS: it was vice versa, in fact the 155mm could only fire HE shells IIRC), it is a game balance decision

M系155mm T7 炮在游戏里穿深比120mm T53炮好是不符合历史的(事实上155炮只有HE弹),这是游戏平衡上的决定

- it’s not yet sure that there will be improved destruction model of trees (SS: breaking, splintering), but it’s possible


- it’s possible that the models of grass and bushes will also be improved so that they get crushed once the tanks roll over them


- apparently, different types of shells will destroy buildings differently


- the time before the “tracks” your tank leaves on the ground disappear will be seriously increased, but they will still disappear (won’t stay forever)


- it’s possible there will be some significant optimization in the game for those, who play on maximum settings


- IS-3 hull will be remodelled


- for now, all the patches will be downloaded altogether: at least in the beginning there will not be separate “HD” patches and separate “normal” patches


- according to Storm, disabling the camera “waving” in sniper mode (“dynamic camera”) does not give you any significant combat advantage


- Storm (and other developers) believes that the D-25, D-10, S-70, M-62 and M-64 Soviet guns are implemented correctly (penetration-wise): he argues that there are many various penetration tables for those guns and some differ significantly from each other

Storm 和其他的开发人员相信D-25, D-10, S-70, M-62 and M-64 这些苏系炮的引入是正确的:他辩称那些炮都有许多各种不同的穿深表格,而且其中一些彼此间有显著差异。

- Veider on hardware (graphic card) upgrade: “I also started on 7600GT, then 9800, then GTS250, GTX460, GTX550, GTX580, now I have GT770. If you like to play, you have to like also switching graphic cards :)”

Veider 有关硬件的升级:我开始的时候用7600GT,然后9800,之后GTS250, GTX460, GTX550, GTX580,现在我用GTX770。如果你喜欢玩游戏,不得不像我一样也要换张显卡。

- Veider does not know exactly whether GTX770 will be able to run the HD client on top settings: “I hope it will”

Veider 也不能确定是否GTX770就能运行高清客户端的最高画质:我希望能

- apparently the developers tested allowing players to create their own maps, the results of this were unplayable


- apparently the premium tanks, that are not in the ingame shop anymore (KV-5, Type 59) do not display correctly on your Depot screen, it’s a bug and it will be fixed in 8.11

那些不再商店里的金币车(KV-5, Type 59) 没有在仓库界面正确显示,这是个bug,会在8.11修复

- according to Overlord, WoTB will enter open beta stage soon


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