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- switching WoT to different engine is not planned

- WG的物理引擎不打算更换

- currently RU servers are suffering from significantly increased waiting times, it is being investigated (SS: never noticed such a thing on EU)

- 目前俄服务器等待进入战斗时间显著增加,正在调查此时。(SS:偶服从没有这情况)

- regarding the RU251, WG is waiting for exact measures and photos

-关于RU 251 ,WG正在等待确切的测量数据和照片

- some player suggested that to reduce teamkilling, the game could have a mechanism, that would block the shots once an ally is in your sights. This won’t however be implemented, because it would lead to strange situations (SS: I can imagine trolls abusing this)

- 一些玩家建议为了减少TK,游戏可以设置这样一个机制:一旦队友出现在你的瞄准视线内,就不可以再进行射击。不过这样的机制不会实施的,因为那将导致一些意想不到的事情发生。

- the exact criteria for a player to turn blue during teamkilling won’t be disclosed

- 不会透露在TK过程中变成蓝名的确切标准。

- Q: “When the tank gets detracked and starts burning, why doesn’t the fire message sound first? It’s more important than lost tracks” A: “Because the order of damage is usually different: first the engine and fuel tanks get damaged and the fire starts only after that. And we won’t delay all the messages in order to implement “is there fire?” checks.”

- Q:坦克被断带和起火,为什么不首先提示起火了?起火可比断带严重多啦。

A: "因为损坏的顺序通常是不同的:首先是发动机和油箱受到伤害接着才会起火。我们不会为了判定是否起火就而去延迟其它的提示信息的。

- Q: “How much longer will the testing of clan name change take?” A: “As long as necessery”

- Q :工会的名称还要多长时间测试啊?A:很长~

- according to SerB, most players play on tiers 5-6. SerB also states the situation is just fine for WG, there is no need to spread players evenly across all tiers

- 根据SerB的说法,很多玩家都在玩5-6级车,SerB也表示这样挺好啊,没必要让玩家群体均匀的分布到各个级别

- British LL branch (with Firefly and Sentinel) will most likely lead into current British top tanks (SS: as in, no new LL top tanks)

- 英国的LL分支会加入到现有的顶级车辆分支内。

- according to SerB, Browning M2 .50cal HMG is too weak for regular vehicles

- 根据SerB的说法,勃朗宁M2 .50cal HMG机-枪对一些车辆来说太弱了

- unlockable hulls and remodelling of tanks will happen step by step, not all at once.

- 可研发车体和模型的重建过程需要慢慢的来,不会一次就完成。

- during the public testing only tanks that are normally available via ingame shop will continue to be possible to test, SerB states the public test server’s main idea is not to allow players to test premium tanks, that is just one of the less important possibilities


- Q: “Which tank has the most polygons on it?” A: “Some American arty IIRC”

- 哪辆车有着更多的多边形建模?一些美系的火炮。



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- Storm states that multicore support will not strongly influence game performance


- Storm states that the supertest patchnotes are not final: “there is a long way to go till the patch goes live”

Storm 说超测补丁内容不是最终的:离正式上线还有很久

- regarding the “hidden Sherman nerf” in 9.0, it was intended, but Storm states that the fact it did not appear in patchnotes first was a mistake of the program, that generates the list of tank changes for the patchnotes. They fixed it and Storm hopes it won’t repeat itself.


- a player asked that there are rumors about a mod, that actually makes the game display tank silhouette even beyond the official render range, Storm replies that that would be possible only if the mod actually takes the tank position beyond the render range from the minimap, eg. such mod won’t display tank and turret orientation


- regarding sharp FPS drops with the shadows enabled: “Shadows eat resources and that’s something we can’t do anything about”


- Storm confirms that there are sharp FPS drop issues (“freezes”) after a tank is discovered (SS: “lit up” – probably meant when an enemy tank is discovered), they are working on a

Storm 证实在发现一个坦克后会出现帧数下降的厉害的问题,他们正在着手解决。

- Yurko2F states that there is no need to be hysterical about the nerfs, players should try the nerfed vehicles first on the test, a lot of parameters did not change

Yurko2F 表示因为削弱的事情在论坛里歇斯底里的行为真的没必要,你们应该去测试服上试玩一下那些削弱的车,很多参数都没改啊

- statistically, when considering tank buff or nerf, results of players with winrates from 45 percent to 65 percent are taken into account, this range is also internally divided for statistics purposes


- when balancing tanks, the most important category of players WG aims at are “daddies” (SS: a Russian general term for men, who come home from work and want to spend a few battles in WoT, eg. not schoolkids or students)


- Storm states that roughly 10-20 percent of shots fired are gold rounds, these statistics are very dependent on tank measured and vary wildly from tank to tank

Storm 表示玩家射出的炮弹大约有10-20%是金币弹,这些数据是来自车辆的仔细测量,并且车与车的变化还很大

- Borsig is going to get nerfed


- apparently, some form of player education (tutorial?) is still planned


- when aiming at long distances via sniper mode, tanks sometimes move by “jerking” and “twitching” (SS: as in “teleporting short distances”), this is according to Storm not a glitch, at such distances the tank coordinates are transmitted by server less often to save traffic, it will stay the way it is (it is not a problem of client, but WG datacenters would not handle increased traffic)


- Storm personally picked the blue color for teamkillers :)

Storm 个人选择的TK颜色为蓝色

- apparently there are no plans for new tier 8 premiums in 9.1


- multiturret mechanism – not this year, it has really low priority


- the “damage blocked by armor” statistic is bugged (specifically, spaced armor apparently doesn’t count), it will be fixed


- developers considered reworking the arty aim circle to include the gun traverse


- 9.1 will bring many small optimization fixes, but no big ones


- RU251 German LT8 will come this year in the same patch as the US light tanks

德系8级轻坦 RU251会和美系新轻坦线同时上线

- tier 8 light tanks will be buffed


- Storm states that despite the TD class bonus for camo after a shot will be removed (SS: eg. 128mm L/55 will remove the same number of camouflage on E-75 as on Borsig), Borsig will still be harder to spot, because it’s smaller


- T-35 will appear in very distant future, when there is the multiturret mechanism

T-35 将会在遥远的未来,当多炮塔机制搞好时出现。

- there will be no new big features in 9.1, WG is still dealing with fixing the issues from 9.0, there will be new shooting sounds though



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- there is no accuracy penalty when shooting enemies, that were scouted by someone else and not you


- three new city maps are planned


- high tierbattle duration has not changed in last 6 months, devs are okay with this situation


- T110E3 and T110E4 historical data can be found in Hunnicutt: Firepower


- British premium tier 8 vehicle? “If we add it, we’ll tell you”

毛子,英国8级金币车呢? SerB:“如果我们加进去了,我们会告诉你的”

- bot player bans are not being published (SS: that does not mean they are not getting banned. Without any details or names, I had two player writing me for being banned for botting)


- FV215b rebalance? “Wait for te♂st patchnotes”

毛子,Fv215B会不会挨刀啊? SerB:“具体情况请参见测试服和升级公告

- Chinese Type 79 (Type 69 with L7 gun) won’t appear in the game, it’s too new


- historical battles will not come this year


- Russian “proposal” forum section has pre-moderation (SS: proposals have to be allowed by a moderator), because “Most of the proposals were either proposed before, or they are… eeeee…. not very smart”

毛服论坛的”意见“板块被SerB大人和谐了,所有人在提出意见之前必须得到版主的允许。 SerB:”嗯,大部分意见都十分的………………愚蠢啊…………………………“

- there have been no major changes in battle dynamic since the arty nerf according to SerB


- WoWp light attack planes nation characteristics according to SerB:


Germans – “one pass haul ass”


British – universal


American – many bombs and rockets


- WG tanks and planes on one map playing with each other? “Theoretically, yes. Practically, I think it’s pointless. A tank cannot harm an airplane, unless it reaches the airport. Considering the speed of the airplanes, to place airfiends a few kilometers from one another makes no sense. Accordingly, the tanks would have to travel at least 10 kilometers under fire from air. That’s garbage” – the same goes for ships and airplanes on one map: “And would you like to be cannon fodder in your airplane? Because one capital ship generally carries dozens of airplanes – that’s also garbage.”

毛子,毛子,坦克和战姬能够同台竞技么? SerB:理论上……可以,但实际上,我觉得这样没有意义。 坦克除非到机场边上,否则根本不能伤害到战姬。再者,考虑到战姬的速度,机场之间的距离肯定有好几公里,因此,坦克得在空中火力打击下前进数十公里才行——————所以说,这毫无意义。 同样的,战姬和战舰也不能同台竞技————除非你想做炮灰,一艘大型军舰都能在载一打飞机…………这也是不科学的




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Ha, after practically half a year, SerB started answering questions! Here’s what he wrote:


- the exact formula of credit gain calculations will not be disclosed


- there is no direct corellation between credit gain and winrate: “Playing to gain maximum amount of money, playing to gain maximum amount of XP and playing for maximum winrate are very different things”


- “Developer diaries” video series was not scrapped


- regarding the new motion physics – “it’s not that far away”


- some variants of the motion physics were scrapped because they were too realistic – “drifts, etc.”

部分物理效果的变体被取消了,因为它们太真实 ——比如漂移之类的

- the developers did expect the “OMG leave it please!!!” reaction on the removal of the football mode

开发人员早料到了在移除足球模式时玩家会出现 “哦~天啊~求你们留下它吧”的反映

- Football mode returning? “Yea, and also the tank figure skating and battleship synchronized swimming” (SS: as in “no”)

足球模式还会回归??是的,同时还有坦克的花样滑冰以及战舰的花样游泳 (SS:言外之意 “不可能”)

- visual effects of equipment (such as stereoscopic range finder and camo net) were not scrapped, they are “still on the shelf”


- regarding the reduction of 25 percent RNG on penetration: “Until the game release it was 50 percent, we decided not to do it”


- other accuracy nerf variants than reducing the chance of the shell to fall towards the center of the circle were considered


- no plans to allow players to select the voiceover soundset in the game (SS: as in, you wont be able to select specifically German voices in a Japanese tank)

没有计划让玩家选择成员的配音 (SS: 也就是说,你不能在一辆日系车上选择德系车专有的语音)

- Q: What will happen to FV215b ? A : “One option is to make the 120mm gun an optional gun for FV215b , another is to remove it completely. Also, Chieftain is not 100 percent sure.”

Q; FV215b到底会怎样?

A: 一个选项是把120炮作为FV215b的一个选项,另一个彻底的移除它。还有,酋长并不是百分百的确定。

- Q: “Why is the 150mm on WT E-100 overnerfed?” A: “Because it’s right that way” (SS: the player mentions too low accuracy)

Q:为啥WT E-100上的150炮削的这么狠??

A:因为这么做是正确的 (SS:有玩家提到精度太低了)

- the cost of all premium tanks is set individually


- apparently the removal of E-50M as such, the switch of E-50 to tier 10 and adding the Turbopanther (SS: Panther with a gas turbine) is still planned


- Object 770 will not be implemented (“it’s clearly a tier 11″)


- developers haven’t found a suitable tier 5 Soviet light tank


- Q: “Many people unlocked FV4202 so that they could get a Chieftain instead!” A:”We didn’t even hint at that. Their problem.”

Q: 许多玩家都点亮了FV4202,这样就可以得到一辆替代它的酋长了!


- “Italian branch” was not scrapped, the rumors from RU forums are false


- Chieftain will apparently not have “195mm turret”, WG has the info about Chieftain prototypes – there is no such turret in there, apparently according to WG sources, maximum thickness of Chieftain turret armor is 150mm (Storm adds that the sources (such as Wikipedia) are incorrect, WG has its own armor thickness sources – people who measured the tank in museum)


- it’s not possible to say, what model of Chieftain will make it into the game, it’s not yet decided


- no plans to buff or nerf T110E5


- T92 Light Tank was never planned for patch 9.3


- there are plans to introduce Valiant and its variants


- made-up Henschel turret for E-100 will not be implemented (Storm: “Because SerB’s Design Bureau works only when there are no other options.”) Storm explains:

E-100 那个虚构的亨舍尔炮塔不会加入游戏 (Storm:因为SerBの臆想小屋只有在没有其它选项的时候才会出现)Storm解释到:

“For example, we are making a branch and in it we are missing a tank. And there is no info anywhere about a vehicle, which would fit. In such cases, we make up our own. However, in every case, without exception, we are trying to find something realistic and historical and we deal with made up vehicles only if there are no other options left. In case of E-100, there is no need to invent anything, it already has a turret. Why use a fake? Also, if we buff E-100, it will become overpowered. It is one of the most popular tanks on its tier even as it is.”


- Storm on Chieftain: “Chieftain will not be a medium tank because it goes to the heavy slot. For tier 10 heavy slot there are simply no other options. If there were any, it’s possible we would consider Chieftain for tier 10 medium slot.”

Storm 关于酋长:它不会是一辆中坦,因为它去了重坦的位置,对于10级重坦来说,实在是没其它的选项了。如果有的话,或许我们会考虑把酋长放到中坦的位置上。

- the reason for FV215b removal according to Storm: “The fewer fake tanks we have, the better” (SS: as you can see, SerB and Storm are clearly not on the same page)

Storm关于FV215b 移除的原因:“游戏中假冒、伪造的车越少越好”(SS:如你所见,SerB和Storm明显意见不一致啊)

And, for dessert, Tanitha explains Wargaming stance on “Warpack” cheat mod:

还有Tanitha 解释WG对“战争整合包”作弊插件的态度 ,不过我们是国服,一切与我们无关


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